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Christopher Voelker 

C.O.R.E. client Christopher Voelker  is also a resident of Otherness; a place we know as familiar but extraordinary, comprehensible but unimaginable as well.  The same may be said of any true artist, but Christopher is a wheelchair user and a true artist both.

From the age of 17, as the result of a high-speed motocross accident, Voelker has been living with a disability, but not directed by it.  During his long, life-altering rehabilitation from that spinal injury, Chris discovered his love of photography.  It became his life's passion, the medium of his art; while the rich and strange otherness of B&W photography became his special obsession. With a special Ode’ to heroes Avedon, Penn, Brandt, Cartier Bresson, Hurrell.

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Once described as "Hurrell on acid"Chris' images capture vestiges of a midnight world.  Unconscious memory and inexplicable emotion are captured in the light of day. And we viewers become as dreamers awake.

Voelker has shifted his focus temporarily, being an ambassador with The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Voelker has found it an honor and great responsibility taken with great pride. "The making portraits for the newly released Paralysis Resource Guide was a dream assignment. Photographing those who possess such talent, drive, and happen to be disabled, makes for a palate of ongoing creativity to convey such diversity and uniqueness was an honor that lasted for a year of portraits. My ultimate desire is to capture a person living with a disability as a creative work of art while removing the stigma of illogical stereotyping," said Voelker. "I am proud to work with the Reeve Foundation to help spread awareness of its mission to help individuals living with spinal cord injuries, and hope it opens the doors for people living with paralysis to jump into their dreams of delving into the arts."In a strange way I feel I am photographing myself in this unique ballet of image making.

The Paralysis Resource Guide is free to anyone requesting one by calling toll free at: 1-800-539-7309 . The PRG is also available in the Kindle edition and can be downloaded  at Amazon.com for free as well.

As a commercial photographer Highly regarded as a working professional in the entertainment community, and working with top record labels, networks and studios, Chris has shot the likes of  Rhianna, Beyonce, Mick Fleetwood, Lauryn Hill,  Billy Zane,David Lynch, Ringo Star, Carmen Electra, Christina Applegate, Beyonce, Bow Wow, and Brandy... to name a few. This is Voelker’s “day Job” if you will. Working in the entertainment community if fun, wacky, and a living in the studio.

Voelker makes his home above his state of the art studio with his Wife & muse  Melanie and his two hairless kitties Smeagol & Zizzles

To see an extensive portfolio of Voelker’s work visit his site at www.voelkerstudio.com


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