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Name: Rachel Weissberger

What initially brought you to CORE?

I was trying to exercise at home without guidelines or supervision, I found myself spending more time treating my injuries than exercising.

Knowing how important exercise is for one's health and with the  insistence of my daughter, I decided to find a gym and a trainer. I discovered CORE in one of my visits to the pharmacy next door, and after talking to Laquita I decided it's a match.

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What injuries/conditions do you have?

Mainly, my mother had a very advance Osteoporosis and I was beginning to show signs of it in my medical tests. I also suffer from low energy where I get tired easily (low endurance) . My injuries after exercising on my own were mainly in my lower back and my hips, sometime my neck.

What are your interests / hobbies / passions?

My hobbies includes:

a. Reading, I love to read novels, suspense/mystery, historical novels.

b. Painting, (My passion) I have been creating many oil paintings and displayed them in art shows locally and in other states. My website: www.rachelsart.net

How has CORE affected your life?

It's been a year and 2 month since I first started exercising at CORE. I must say my life has taken a positive path: I feel stronger and I am getting stronger, I have more energy my balance and coordination improved.

I love my trainer and the staff at CORE, it is a special treat to be there and exercise there under the supervision of the expert trainers. 

Visit Rachel's website: www.rachelsart.net


818-718-CORE(2673) Email: centerofrestorativeexercise@gmail.com
9667 Reseda Blvd. Northridge, Ca. 91324